A Brewer’s Best Friend.

The Meheen Tank Manager was designed to help brew masters monitor and control their product by precisely managing temperature and carbonation levels both in product and in tank head space. The Tank Manager will become an invaluable partner, allowing you to achieve consistent production while eliminating the time consuming steps of manual carbonation. Just like your thermostat at home, set the Meheen Tank Manager to your exact CO2 specifications and be ready to bottle or keg your beverage in no time.

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Time Savings and Quality Control

Meheen’s carbonating technologies help you save time and money by reducing manual labor and taking the guesswork out of carbonation management. Carbonation is the most difficult thing for brew masters to control because temperature and CO2 absorption are so dynamic. The Meheen Tank Manager helps you achieve consistent quality control while giving you peace of mind that your beverage’s taste profiles are properly managed.