UZ4700 Small Character (CIJ) Printer


Ergonomic, reliable and flexible

The new Z4700 system conforms to the ergonomic and design tradition of Zanasi. Like all of the Zanasi product offerings, it has a robust and compact AISI 304 stainless steel IP55 cabinet without compressed air connection and can be integrated into any working environment. The hydraulic system has been redesigned to maintain high quality standards even after prolonged stoppages, to meet the demand for reliability both during standard, as well as more intensive uses, spanning several work shifts.

Higher resolution and sharpness – Lower consumption

The Z4700 is available in different configurations, depending on the application and adjustable with a variety of fonts and matrices essential to obtain high-quality prints up to 4 lines. It seamlessly integrates into production lines with print speeds of more than 2000 characters/sec. Thanks to the special UHS (Ultra High Speed) software, Z4700 can print up to 400m/min.

Tech Specifications

  • Up to 4 lines of print
  • Characters height from 0,8 to 12 mm (0,032” – 0,47”)
  • Line speed capability: up to 400 mt/min (1320ft/min)
  • Print rate: up to 2136ct/sec
  • Messages and logos storage: up to 4 GB with expandable micro SD memory
  • Up to 6800 stroke per message
  • Fixed and variable text field types (with operator, automatic or external)
  • Text field placing is freely selectable
  • Available fonts: 5×4, 5×5, 7×4, 7×5, 9×7, 10×8, 16×10, 24×16
  • Space between characters is freely selectable
  • Print intensity is freely selectable
  • Rapid images, shapes and lines creation
  • from touch-screen display
  • Automatic date, time, offsets and expiry date multifunction
  • Incrementing/decreasing alphanumeric product counters up to 9 digits
  • Metric repeat print – message function
  • Customizable message repeat with single print start
  • Field orientation: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Print with text rotation angle
  • Print throw distance up to 90 mm –3,54” (single line from minimum 3 mm – 0,118”)
  • 10,1” TFT full color anti-reflection high contrast LED touch-screen
  • Stainless steel structure AISI 304
  • IP55 rating, no compressed air
  • Conduit length: 2 mt – 6,56 ft (4 mt – 13,1 ft optional)

Printer high definition ZANASI Z640 Plus

Z640Plus is the sole industrial HD inkjet printer to feature a double printhead that allows for simultaneous and independent coding on porous or non-porous substrates on two separate production lines. The printheads available are: T768 which can print up to 102mm high (4″) and T384 and T384FDI(Fast Drying Ink) which can print up to 51mm high (2″). Z640Plus system can print real time high quality alphanumerical texts, logos and other graphics onto secondary packaging.

Tech Specifications

  • Drives simultaneously up to 2 printheads either 102mm (4”) type (T768) or 50mm (2”) type (T384).
  • Line speed capability: up to 90 mt/min (295 ft/min).
  • Available fonts: all Windows True Type.
  • Bold factor: up to 6 times.
  • High quality graphic images printing.
  • Message storage: up to 3GB on FLASH memory capacity.
  • Automatic date, time, offsets and expiry date multifunctions.
  • Basic shape drawing.
  • Incrementing/decreasing product counters up to 9 digits.
  • Repeat print – message function.
  • Printing in all moving directions.

Z101 Large Character Coding

Compact design for easy set-up and integration on all production lines
Coding on both porous and non-porous substrates
Innovative 5,7” touch screen panel with backlit LCD (320 x 240) display
Single line coding from 7 to 20 mm print height
Zanasi renowned robust solenoid printhead technology
Advanced hydraulic system, no need of factory air
Built-in multiple languages and alphabets

Tech Specifications

  • Single line coding with 7dot printhead
    Print height from 7 to 20 mm (0,28” – 0,79”)
    Line speed capability: up to 60 mt/min (197 ft/min)
    Printing rate: up to 150 ct/sec
    100 messages storage
    80 characters for each message
    Available Font: 5×5, 7×5
    Bold factor: up to 5 times
    Automatic calendar and expiration date print
    Incremental/Decreasing products counter up to 9 digits
    Repeat – message function
    Printing in all moving directions
    180° text rotation
    Coding throw distance up to 20 mm (0,8”)

Printer high definition GraphJET

The system is composed from a console, programmed by a GraphJET software installed in a PC and a Printhead kit.
This printhead kit can be or 102mm (4″) or 50 mm (2″) tall.

The GraphJET printhead produces images with 768 orefices in 256 controllable channels. It employs Zanasi’s proprietary piezoelectric technology to produce ITF-14, EAN/UCC-128 and other barcodes (including associated human readable characters) directly onto packaging. This eliminates the need for costly labels or preprinted images.

Tech Specifications

  • Drives either one 102mm type (T768), or one 50mm type (T384) printing head
    Up to 32 lines of print with head type T768, or up to 16 lines with head type T384
    Character height from 1,9 to 102mm with head type T768, or from 1,9 to 50mm with head type T384
    Line speed capability: up to 90 mt/min (295 ft/min)
    99 messages storage
    Available font: Windows True Type Fonts
    Bold factor: up to 9 times
    High quality graphic images printing
    Logo storage up to 1 MB on FLASH memory capacity
    Automatic date and expiry date multifunction

Z3000 Small Character (CIJ) Printer

Z3000 is the entry level model of Zanasi continuous ink jet printing systems. It is an easy to use coder ideally suited for all customers looking for more straight forward, simpler, and price sensitive requirements.
Z3000 features a new simplified hydraulic system for low solvent consumptions. It delivers excellent print quality on almost every kind of surfaces and provides consistent performance. Moreover, this printer requires minimal attention by operators and maintenance staff.

Tech Specifications

  • -Up to 3 lines of print
    -Character height from 0,8 to 12 mm (0,032” – 0,47”)
    -Line Speed capability: up to a 320 mt/min (1050 ft/min)
    -Print rate: up to 2136 ct/sec
    -100 messages storage
    -250 characters storage per message
    -Selectable lines vertical gap
    -Font Matrix: 5×5, 7×5, 9×7 and 16×10
    -Bold factor up to 8 times
    -Logo creation and printing
    -30 Logos storage
    -Automatic calendar and expiration date print
    -Incremental/decreasing Product counter up to 9 digits
    -Repeat print – message function
    -Printing in all moving directions
    -Coding throw distance up to 90 mm (3,54”)

CIJ Inks

Zanasi inks are the answer to harsh industrial environments where polluting agents such as dust, fumes and humidity are present. Zanasi inks satisfy the most rigorous market requirements (Zanasi also offers new ink types and colours on customer demand).


  • Food Inks follow the USDA, FDA and EU guidelines
  • Thermochromic color change that indicates temperature variation
  • Washable for use on returnable bottles
  • A water and alcohol-based for applications in rough surfaces
  • Counterfeit-proof
  • Pigmented for high contrast applications
  • Does not lose intensity during vulcanization applications