The Thermocode 53E is an ideal entry level thermal transfer coding machine.

It is extremely user friendly, with on-board printer diagnostics and no mechanical adjustments required for print quality.

If you require regular date, batch and price code changes, real-time coding, barcoding and graphics the Intermittent E is the best option for you.

Tech Specifications

  • Print area 53.3 mm x 30 mm
    Printhead width 53.3 mm
    Printhead Resolution 12 dots/mm (300 dpi)
    Ribbon width 55 mm
    Ribbon capacity 300 m max.
    Ribbon diameter 65 mm maximum
    Printer weight 5 kg
    Cycles per minute 350 maximum
    Print speed per second 400 mm maximum
    Memory capacity 1.5MB
    Supply voltage 115/240 volts AC
    Power supply weight 4.5 kg
    Baud rate €“ max. 115,200 bps

Open Date Ribbon

Printing tapes (Ribbons) Open Date equipment are especially made ​​for printing at lower temperatures, thereby extending the life of the printhead. It is important to change the printing temperature range from the program directly from the printer. It is not necessary to reduce the speed of the printer when you select a lower temperature in the thermal head.

The Ribbons allow  impressions over a wide variety of paper labels, synthetic labels, and cardboard tags. They are resistant to harsh environments, weather, extreme temperatures (cold and heat), humidity, abrasives, alcohols and solvents, acids, etc.

Tech Specifications

  • Available in three qualities: wax, wax/resin and resin.
  • Wax is the least expensive to buy and prints very well with low energy needs.
  • Wax/Resin are slightly more expensive, but have a much higher level of scratch and rub resistance, while still being easy to use.
  • Resin ribbon offers much higher levels of scratch and rub resistance and performs very well in alcohol resistance tests.

Open Date Foil

-The Eurocode range of Hot Foil overprinters are ideally suited to batch coding and price marking. -The Printmaster range of Hot Foil overprinters have a reputation for quality and reliability whilst the print speed potential is unrivalled. -The Sprint Series of Hot Foil overprinters are an evolution of the successful Printmaster range. -The 5000 Series of Hot Foil overprinters are large area machines suitable for printing text, graphics and barcodes.

Printer THERMOCODE Series 2

The Thermocode Series 2 Intermittent range of on-line Thermal Transfer printers encompasses six models offering print areas from 53 x 53mm to 107 x 160mm. They are suited to packaging, labelling and other machinery where the web material or item to be printed stops once per machine cycle. Intermittent printers print during this stop time.


Tech Specifications

Printer Type Intermittent Continuous
Printer Model 53S 53M 53L 107S 107M 107L 53C 107C
Print Width – Max. 53.3mm 53.3mm 53.3mm 106.6mm 106.6mm 106.6mm 53.3mm 106.6mm
Print length (sweep) 53.3mm 106.6mm 160mm 53.3mm 106.6mm 160 mm 500mm 250mm
Ribbon width 55mm 55mm 55mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 55mm 110mm
Ribbon length – Max. 350m 500m 500m 350m 500m 500m 500m 500m
Printer Weight 7kg 8kg 9kg 8kg 9kg 10kg 6.5kg 7.5kg
Cycles per minute – Max 500 450 500
Print speed per second – Max. 400mm 600mm
Printhead Resolution 12 dots per mm (305 dpi)
Memory capacity 3.5mb (expandable to 7.5mb)
Supply voltage 115/230 Volts AC
Power supply weight 6kg
Serial Baud rate 230,400 (max)