•  The NP50-R Poll Coder Printer, with a quick drying ink marking system, has been developed specifically for use on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass and most high gloss or varnished cartons. Ideal applications are continuous webs, sheet goods, extruded parts and production run shippers.It is an economical alternative to high cost/high maintenance ink jet printers. This unit is ideal for either continuous or intermittent printing for form/fill/seal applications.

Tech Specifications

  • This printer utilizes an alcohol-based Poly Ink® Roll which is completely enclosed to prevent evaporation. The ink is metered and evenly fed to the type surface via a unique aluminum transfer roller for high quality uniform printing. Same day shipping is available for type and ink rolls. Individual characters from 1/8″ to ½” are always in stock for immediate shipping. Type strips and customized logos are made and usually shipped same day they are ordered.


  • Six coders RIBtype ® models are available. Ideal to use your current inventory RIBtype ®. Like all products of Lincoln, RIBtype encoders, are made of high quality material.

    Ribs radically running around the wheel, which receive corresponding ribs are molded into the back of the rubber matrix printing. The advantage of this is its versatility by combining the ability to print multiple lines and logo. Like all printers Lincoln, is available for both.

Tech Specifications