Silo Tank

In plants of all types and sizes, silo tanks have proved to be the most effective way to convert limited space into high volume storage space and to handle products with superior efficiency and performance. These tanks are designed with advanced alcove assemblies, horizontal/vertical agitator assemblies, and optional accessories depending on product application.

Tech Specifications

  • Detailed Construction Inside and Out
    • Bottom Heads and all inner seams are butt-welded. The interior of the bottom head has ¾ inch per foot drainage pitch.
    • Optional Heating/Cooling Surface – DCI’s dimple jacketing or laser-welded heat transfer surface achieves maximum, uniform heating or cooling. The basic principle is the controlled turbulent flow of media at high velocity. Construction is all stainless steel with stainless inlet and outlet pipes headers.
    • Fully Insulated Tank has 3” insulation selected for its compressive strength and insulating value. It is applied with extreme care. The tank is designed and insulated to allow for expansion and contraction of the inner liner due to extreme temperature changes.
    • Outer Jackets of heavy mild steel are solidly welded into a “unitized” structure.
    • Exterior Coatings – Red Speedy-Dry Rust-Inhibitive Oil Alkyd Primer can be recoated with other finishes. Window of topcoat application is open.
    • High Performance Urethane Paint is high performance, gloss finish.

Horizontal Storage Tank

Advanced Agitation

Tanks designed with advanced agitation for ultimate sanitation and mixing. V-belt or gearhead hollowshaft-designed end-mount units. CIPA-H design available as an option for end-mount units. Vertical agitators also available.

Tech Specifications

  • 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces with #4 polish
  • Primed carbon steel exterior
  • Heat transfer surface
  • 3” insulation
  • Adjustable sanitary legs with stringer supports
  • Ladder with platform
  • Thermometer wells
  • 5’’ dial thermometer
  • 3’’ outlet
  • 2” no-foam inlet
  • Sanitary vent
  • Sight glass with light
  • 16’’x20” manway with sampler
  • CIP fixture
  • Transmitter sleeve
  • End-mount agitator

Multi-Purpose Processor

Heating and Cooling

All units have Pressure Wall providing high-velocity, baffle-controlled turbulent flow of heating or cooling media – steam, hot water or chilled water. An all-stainless steel pressure wall assures long life, maximum efficiency and uniformity in heating and cooling.

Agitation Systems

For ease of cleanability, the DCI agitator design eliminates necessity of take-apart couplings or assemblies in the production zone.

  • The Full-Bottom Sweep Agitators are designed for heavy-duty performance. They achieve rapid and thorough mixing and blending with most efficient heat transfer on light-through-heavy bodied products.
  • The Bottom and Side Sweep Agitators are designed for most rapid heating or cooling of heavy-bodied products without blade contact on processor surfaces.
  • The Scraper Blade Agitators are designed for extremely heavy-bodied or viscous products.
  • All center-mounted agitators include baffles.
  • Propeller-Type Agitators are mounted off-center for fast effective, “rotate and lift” mixing on light to medium bodied liquids.
  • Turbine Agitators are available for high-speed, sheer-type mixing and blending.

Tech Specifications

  • LINER – 18-8 type 304 #4 polish stainless steel
  • OUTER JACKET – 18-8 type 304 #4 polish stainless steel with 2B finish stainless steel exterior bottom. (Coned-bottom units have #4 polish stainless steel outer coned bottom).
  • INSULATION – 2” insulation of sidewall and bottom.
  • TOP HEAD – Dome top with 18” diameter hinged and gasketed manhole cover. (Center bridge and hinged covers optional).
  • INLET – 2” stainless steel, removable no-foam inlet in top head or center bridge.
  • OUTLET – 2” ferrule on al processors.
  • AGITATOR – Bottom sweep with baffle standard. Two-speed, 3-phase, 60 cycle, 230 volt, totally enclosed gear motor, agitator drive. (Side-sweep scraper blade and turbine-type agitators available).
  • THERMOMETER OPENINGS – Projectile wells for indicating and recording thermometers, standard on all models.
  • LEGS – Stainless steel legs and adjustable sanitary-type ball feet.
  • CAPACITY – 200-2,000 gallons