2-EZ High Speed Drop Packer

  • Automatically adjust case lift height and reconfigure the servo lane diverter through recipes contained in the HMI
  • Troubleshooting and production feedback displays on OI within seconds with Combi’s custom designed states screens
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame with lifetime guarantee
  • Powered, easy load case magazine
  • Vacuum blow off prevents corrugated dust build up
  • Servo driven carriage assembly
  • Heavy-duty case lift assembly with powered case discharge
  • Dual belt drive case sealing
  • Lockout / tagout safety disconnect

Tech Specifications

  • Case Size Min. (LxWxH): 8 x 6 x 5″ – 203 x 152 x 127 mm
  • Case Size Max. (LxWxH): 24 x 16 x 18″ – 610 x 406 x 457 mm
  • Speed: Up to 25 CPM
  • Standard Case Discharge: 21″

DP Drop Packer

  • Integrated case erector
  • One piece tubular welded frame
  • Stainless steel contact points
  • Guarding package with electrical interlocks
  • Allen Bradley electrical PLC control package
  • Standard one set of change parts
  • Soft drop case lift protects fragile products
  • Vacuum blowoff prevents corrugated dust build up
  • Right or left execution
  • 230v / 3 phase / 20A electrical service

Tech Specifications

  • Models:DP / E1000
    • Case Size Min. (LxWxH): 4.5 x 4 x 5” – 114x102x127mm
    • Case Size Max. (LxWxH): 12 x 10 x 20” – 305x254x508mm
    • Speed (CPM):  17
    • Standard Case Discharge: 16”

    DP / E2000

    • Case Size Min. (LxWxH):  8.5 x 4.75 x 4 – 216x121x102mm
    • Case Size Max. (LxWxH): 16.5 x 12.25 x19.5” – 419x311x495mm
    • Speed (CPM):  15
    • Standard Case Discharge: 16”

    DP / E2500

    • Case Size Min. (LxWxH): 8.5 x 4.75 x 4 – 216x121x102mm
    • Case Size Max. (LxWxH): 20 x 13.5 x 19.5” – 508x343x495mm
    • Speed (CPM): 12
    • Standard Case Discharge: 16”

    DP / E3000

    • Case Size Min. (LxWxH): 13 x 7.75 x 6” – 330x197x152mm
    • Case Size Max. (LxWxH): 24 x 16 x 24” – 610x406x610mm
    • Speed (CPM): 10
    • Standard Case Discharge: 18”

Alphapack Pick and Place Case Packing System

  • The Alphapack is the new productivity solution for pick and place case packing. The Alphapack system features a case erector, yielding the smallest footprint in the industry while accommodating the widest range of case sizes and pack patterns.Alphapack System Features
    • Ultra-compact framework
    • Integrated case erector
    • Heavy-duty welded tubular steel framework
    • Quick-release change parts for fast changeovers
    • Easy load case magazine
    • Versatile multi-axis servo pick and place unit
    • Full safety interlocked guarding

Tech Specifications

  • Alphapack Product Options
    • Stainless steel framework
    • Stand-alone system without case erector
    • Electrical control integration
    • 3rd axis step indexing conveyor available
    • Available as stand-alone system (w/o case erector)
    • Full safety interlocked guarding
    • Custom designs for special applications
    • Color Touchscreen Option
      • Machine controls
      • Machine pack data and history
      • Maintenance schedule
      • Custom diagnostic capabilities

ErgoPack Robotic Pick and Place Packing Station

  • Robot Packing Adds Flexibility to Hand Pack Station
    • Reduced labor expenditure
    • Higher rate of throughput – can run 24 hours a day
    • Improved traceability of products, enabling better tracking and isolation of contaminated products
    • Meet Retail Packaging Variations –  Varying pack counts, variety packs, retail ready packages
    • Greater precision and consistency, minimizing wastage and reducing product loss due to damage
    • Removal of human interaction in hazardous environments, reducing workplace injuries

Tech Specifications

  • • Combi Ergopack® hand packing system including case erector, hand packing station, product infeed conveyor and case sealer• 6 axis LR Mate Robot spec’d to the application including design/detail, fabrication, assembly and electrical software• Fixed robot base that will be anchored to the floor• Adjustable End of Arm Tooling for a wide range of product sizes and pick positions• Integrated iRVision system• System wiring and controls

    • Operator pendant for recipe management

    • Interlocking perimeter guarding

    • Mechanical engineering design, detailing and layout drawings

    • Robot programming which may include PLC/PMC; HMI; and Vision Programming

2EZ SB Case Erector

  • Combi Packaging Systems LLC is raising the bar for case erecting innovation with our high speed, side belt drive case erectors. Engineered with the industry’s strongest frame (lifetime warranty) for the most demanding 3-shift environments, the 2-EZ®SB can readily integrate into your existing line at speeds up to 30 cpm. The 2-EZ® side belt drive units are designed for years of dependable service and can form and seal the widest variety of cases, from single wall to triple wall corrugated.

Tech Specifications

  • · 2-EZ®SB up to 15 cases per minute· EZ Load Walk-In 50” Powered Magazine· Positive Four Flap Closing· Heavy Duty Welded Steel Construction

    · 3M Accuglide™ 2” Tapehead

    · Pneumatic Carriage Assembly

    · Dual Belt Drive Case Indexing

    · AB Panelview C400 OIT Providing Production & Diagnostic Feedback

    · Self-Cleaning Vacuum System