Label printer A+ Series – For Industrial Demands

The printing units and housing are made of highquality materials and are perfectly matched. The A+ series is always a safe option, because it offers almost unlimited possibilities, be it for stand-alone operation in conjunction with PC/label software or for network operation linked with SAP. There’s a good reason why our A+ label printer has a reputation as an all-rounder!

The wide variety of the A+ series matches its versatility in operation. The A+ label printer is available in print widths ranging from 54.2 mm to 216 mm. This enables the production of extremely narrow and very wide labels with an excellent print resolution of between 200 and 600 dpi. The print speed ranges from 100 to 250 mm/s depending on the model you choose, ensuring faster throughput times and thus lower process costs!

The A+-series label printers were created for the continuous three shift operation in an industiral environment. Our highest ambition during developing this printer was its long-life cycle – and we love the details!

  • Full metal cover
  • Precision axles
  • Constant load bearings
  • Enlarged temperature application area
  • High-power motor

Tech Specifications

  • Thermal transfer or thermal direct
  • 203 to 600 dpi print resolution
  • 100 to 250 mm/s print speed
  • 54,2 to 216 mm print width
  • Metal or compact cover

Label printer MACH4

The MACH4 series offers all the features of a high class industrial printer with a wide application range. Labels and ribbons can be inserted from the front. The print mechanism and housing are made of premium materials and are perfectly harmonized in their form and function.

Easy and comfortable handling and high reliability were the requirements during development. The large display with white backlight offers optimum readability. The navigation pad with the additional “Enter” button simplifies operation, with only the operated functions being displayed. The centered label path eliminates the need for adjustments and avoids wrinkling of the ribbon.The high-tech electronic board incorporates all the requisite interfaces as standard and works with all kinds of adapters.

The MACH4 is available with 203, 300 and 600 dpi print resolution. For battery operation, a control PCB with 24 V battery is built in instead of a power supply unit. This means that the printer can be used on the move. The battery capacity is sufficient for at least one working day. The label printers can also be equipped with an RFID read/write unit for transponders in Smart labels with 13.56 MHz in line with ISO 15693.

  • Full metal cover
  • Precision axles
  • Constant load bearings
  • Enlarged temperature application area
  • High-power motor

Tech Specifications

  • Material

    Labels, continuous rolls or fan-folded: Paper, cardboard, textile, plastics such as PET, PE, PP, PVC, PU, acrylate, PI
    Material thickness: 0,055 – 0,8 mm | Weight : 60 – 200 g/m2
    Label width 1) : 6 – 116 mm
    Width of carrier or continuous material: 25 – 120 mm / from 0,4 mm material thickness 5 – 120 mm
    Label height 1) : 5 – 4500 mm / when dispensing1) from : 20 mm
    Material height when cutting1) from: 12 mm
    Media roll total diameter up to:  205 mm
    Media roll core diameter: 38 – 100 mm
    Media roll winding direction: Outside or inside


    Ink: Outside or inside
    Roll diameter up to 72 mm
    Core diameter: 25 mm
    Ribbon length variable up to 360 m
    Width2) up to 114 mm

    Printer dimensions

    Height x Depth x Width: 312 x 435 x 240 mm
    Weight: 6 kg

    Label sensor

    Gap sensor for label edge or punching mark and end of material
    Position: Centered or shifted 10 mm to the left
    Reflective sensor3) for label edge, punching or centered printing mark
    Position adjustable 56 mm to the left /10 mm to the right


    Processor high speed 32 Bit ColdFire / clock rate: 266 MHz
    RAM: 64 MB
    Memory IFFS: 8 MB Flash
    Slot for CompactFlash Type I memory card
    Slot for wireless LAN card
    Battery buffer for Real-time clock, printout of time and date, data storage on shut-down
    Warning signal: Acoustic signal in case of error

EOS Series – One Concept, Two Sizes

The new EOS series combines all functions of a solid label printer with highest ease of operation. The touchscreen LCD display is clearly designed for highest ease of use.

Tech Specifications

  • EOS1

    EOS1 the compact for small work space. For label rolls up to 155 mm diameter.

    Label printer EOS1
    Print resolution dpi 203 300
    Print width up to mm 108 105,7
    Print speed up to mm/s 125 125
    Label roll Ø up to mm 155 155
    Power supply 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz


    EOS4 for label rolls up to 210 mm diameter. Further technical data are identical with EOS1.

    Label printer EOS4
    Print resolution dpi 203 300
    Print width up to mm 108 105,7
    Print speed up to mm/s 125 125
    Label roll Ø up to mm 210 210
    Power supply 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz

GHS Label Printers for Two-Color Printing

Two in-line arranged thermal transfer print units for simultaneous two-color printing in one label.

With ribbon saver at one print unit.

  • The XC series meets the conditions for the classification and labeling inventory according to GHS.
  • For large label rolls up to 300 mm diameter
  • The two print units including ribbon holder, operation panel and electronics are adopted from the proven A+ series

Tech Specifications

 Label printer XC4
Printable resolution dpi 300
Print width up to mm 105.6
Print speed up to mm/s 125
Label printer XC6
Printable resolution dpi 300
Print width up to mm 162.6
Print speed up to mm/s 125

A+ with Applicator A1000

The A1000 applicator means a cost-effective solution – for both semi-automatic operation and integration into product lines. For operation compressed air of 4,5 bar is needed.

 Applicator A1000-220 A1000-300 A1000-400
Usage A2+, A4+, A6+ A2+, A4+, A6+ A2+, A4+, A6+
Cylinder stroke mm 220 300 400
Tamp stroke below
device mm
70 150 250
Compressed air bar 4.5

Tech Specifications

1. Long service life: The ball-bearing guide bars are low-wearing.

2. Variable product heights: The lifting cylinder allows labeling at different heights. Different stroke heights are available.

3. Pre-dispensing button: For testing the labeling process. Pushing the button the first time causes the label to be printed and held by the pad. Pushing the button again starts the application.

4. Compressed air regulation unit: Microfilters prevent contamination. The compressed air regulator ensures a permanent high labeling quality.

5. High process reliability: The supporting air jet stream, induction air and lifting speed can be adjusted. The pressure can be reduced to less than 10 N (1 kg) for highly sensitive products and packages. To avoid contamination of the vacuum holes, these are cleaned with air pressure after each application.

6. Label sizes: Labels with 25 to 176 mm width and 25 to 200 mm height can be applied.

7. Supporting air: is used for blowing the label to the pad.

8. Digital I/O interface : A PLC, sensor or hand switch starts the labeling. At the same time, status and error messages are issued.